Why Choose Us?



As previous high street retailers, we understand the overheads involved in operating furniture showrooms and believe that consumers ultimately get a raw deal. That's because everyone along the way takes a cut and we believe that you, our discerning customer, pay for that cut. We are here to do things differently, bringing you exclusive furniture at prices that are widely affordable.


Here at simply sofas 4 u we are passionate about quality and design. We have already delivered more than 10,000 products and know that our customers really appreciate having something different to that offered by the usual suspects on the retail parks. It’s for that reason that we are bringing you a new way to buy while saving you up to 70% off similar equivalents at high-end retailers. Rest assured that you are not paying for physical stores, warehouses, or middlemen, just great furniture at a great price!


It’s simple. We connect you directly with the Designers and Craftsmen of some of the most exclusive manufacturers. By consolidating our online order book every week, we keep each of our manufacturers busy, ensuring that your furniture is produced with quality and highly competitive pricing always at the forefront of everything we do. By only manufacturing what's been ordered, our costs are minimized and the savings are passed onto you.


By keeping our margins to the absolute minimum, we are able to grow our business by volume. This means that you don’t get ripped off by over-eager sales staff chasing commission and therefore can rest assured that every spare penny of your money is going into quality, not Landlords or other intermediaries pockets!



As your furniture is being hand-built you can be rest assured that when it comes to the big day of delivery you will not be disappointed. Everything from the design to manufacture is taken care of by our network of Prestige manufacturers whom we have worked with for many years. 



When it comes to delivery we excel in every respect. We offer a delivery service  Should we encounter any unforeseen delivery issues you will have nothing to worry about as we can get any furniture into any property providing the room is large enough for the furniture! We have delivered products to all parts of the UK and also have a number of famous names who have previously purchased from us.



Take your time to sit back and relax in your own home without any pressure whatsoever. just drop us a line via the contact us page and we’ll do the rest. Once you’re in a position to place your order you can contact Max, who will be pleased to assist you further and advise the latest delivery schedule. It’s as easy as that and we hope to hear from you in due course.