The Chicago 3+2 Sofa design is a great centerpiece for any home or living room. The cushions and curved arm style allow you to really relax and entertain. This sofa is available in a range of great colors to help you easily find the best match for your home decor. The jumbo cord fabric sofa is a real favorite because it can easily seat 4 or 5 adults comfortably. 

Chicago 3+2 Cream Jumbo Cord Sofa

  • Dimensions
    3 Seater :Width 190cm, Depth 88cm, Height 40cm, 

    2 Seater :Width 152cm, Depth 88cm, Height 40cm, 

    Filling: Foam

    Guarantee: 1 Year

    Ready Assembled

    Colors: 4 Available

    Composition: Hardwood, OSB, plastic

    Material: Jumbo Cord 

    Type: 3+2 Seater Sofa

    Number Of Seats: 3+2